Wall-Art Canvases

Nelspruit Canvas Printing

Canvas prints will transform your quality images into works of art. Every canvas we create is given special artisan treatment, so you can be confident of gallery quality. We pride ourself on rigorous standards, ensuring each canvas is constructed with unrivalled durability, fantastic colours and outstanding textures.

“Canvas prints make perfect gifts, but be warned, once you see how good they look, you’ll be hanging them on your own wall!”

Boxmount Canvas

Make a bold statement with a high-impact artistic flourish. Boxmount Canvases create breath-taking works of art. Bring your home to life with gallery quality artworks. Boxmounts are ideal for special gifts or adding a charismatic touch to your office.

Our Premium Range is treated with a protective coating. This coating creates a thin barrier film that protects the canvas print from scratches and airborne pollutants. You may also clean your coated canvas with a damp lint-free cloth without worrying that you might take off the ink.

Sizes from A5 through to A0 as well as…
300 x 300mm | 500 x 500mm | 800 x 800mm

Contemporary Canvas

Bedazzle with a spectacular panorama of your special image. We custom build sleek frames that give your image a contemporary streamlined feel. Our special method places the canvas flush against the frame to create a slim, panoramic effect that makes the contemporary canvas a visual sensation.

Each slimline frame measures 5mm wide x 20mm deep and is made of a luxurious brown recycled plastic. Each print is coated with a durable sealant to protect your masterpiece from dust, spills and fingerprints. Pick your image and let us create the magic.

Sizes from A4 through to A0…

Floating Canvas

Compliment your image with seamless elegance. Floating canvas prints give a delightful buoyancy to every image. We employ a special technique to fit the canvas 10mm from the frame. The floating effect is grounded by a rich coffee bean coloured frame, which is constructed of recycled hardwearing plastic.

We only use the best quality materials and will print your image with picture perfect high-resolution technology. Each print is coated with a durable sealant to protect your masterpiece from dust, spills and fingerprints.

The floating Canvas is perfect for portraits, natural landscape photography, and will compliment any image with flawless allure.

Sizes from A4 through to A0…

Nelspruit Canvas Printing

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